Avoiding Auto Accidents

  1. Avoid Driving Distractions
    • These include but are not limited to: other passengers, cellular phones, the radio/tape/CD player, eating while driving
    • Driving distractions take the driver’s attention off the road
    • Only a split-second of negligence is necessary to cause accident
  2. Always Leave Yourself an Out
    • Look for space cushions in traffic where your safety doesn’t depend on another driv
    • Make frequent use of the mirrors on your car to monitor your spot in traffic at all times
    • Use the 2-second rule: the car in front of you should be passing a roadside obstacle at least two-seconds before you pass it
      • This allows you more time to react to any traffic problems ahead of you
  3. Use your headlights
    • Having your headlights on is a good way to make yourself more visible to other cars and pedestrians when you are on the road
  4. Be a defensive driver
    • Don’t assume that other drivers will see and respect your right of way all the time
    • Never presume that another driver will do something unless you are absolutely positive they will do so
  5. Maintain average traffic speed
    • On the road there is nothing more dangerous than someone who is moving at a radically different speed
    • Cars moving too slow can be the cause of accidents, move along with the traffic to avoid problems
    • Speeding is a frequent factor in automobile accidents, don’t exceed speed limits even if the road appears empty
  6. Respect the weather
    • Don’t push the car to unsafe speeds when there are weather conditions that impair driving
  7. Be aware that our reactions and driving skill deteriorate as we become tired