Broken Bones

Fractured, or broken, bones are a common injury in automobile accidents. They occur when there is too much force being applied to the body in a certain way and one or more bones in the body breaks because it can’t sustain the pressure. Broken bones are common in car crashes because there is normally a high-energy impact when the crash occurs that can place too much stress on the bones. Immediate treatment is required for anybody who has sustained a fractured bone. If the bone was broken in a car accident, compensation may be due to the victim, depending on the circumstances of the crash. If you sustain a fractured bone as the result of a car accident, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to deal with the complicated process of settling claims with insurance companies.

When an automobile accident occurs, there is a tremendous amount of force exerted on the vehicles and the occupants of the vehicles. Often, if the force strikes the body in the wrong way it can cause one or more of the bones in the body to fracture or break. This is a serious medical problem and requires immediate attention. If the fracture breaks through the skin it is called an “open fracture.” Fractures that do not break the skin are known as “closed fractures.” While some bone fractures are not too serious medically, there can be more severe fractures that result in permanent damage. Some severe fractures may even require surgery to reset the bone with metal plates, screws, pins or nails.

Bones are constantly in a state of regeneration and turnover, regardless if there is a fracture or not. They are continually growing new cells to replace the dying ones. This state of constant turnover makes the healing of broken bones possible. Once a fracture occurs, it is important to see a doctor to be sure the bone is reset in the correct position. Over time, the bone will regenerate and heal, so it is important for the alignment of the bone to be correct to ensure that it is positioned correctly once healed. The treatment of fractured bones depends on many factors including the specific bone that was broken, the extent of the fracture, and the age and health of the patient. Some bone fractures heal relatively quickly with no long-term consequences while others may require a lengthy healing time and can result in disability.

If you suffered a broken bone in an automobile accident as the result of a negligent driver, compensation is due to you from the insurance company. In dealing with claims involving insurance companies, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer who can handle the complicated process and be sure that due compensation is given. There are many steps in the process of receiving compensation from the insurance companies and a good lawyer is necessary to protect your rights under the law at each step. An experienced automobile accident attorney will be knowledgeable about how to best negotiate with the insurance companies and get you the highest possible compensation.