Bicycle Accidents

There is a delicate balance on the road when both cars and bicycles are using it. It is up to both cyclists and vehicle drivers to exercise caution on the road to avoid accidents. A bicyclist is fatally injured in an accident every 6 hours in the United States. Bicycle accidents are dangerous because the cyclist is exposed to the elements and can easily be seriously injured.

Over the past three decades, bicycles have had a surge in popularity. They are favorite toys of kids everywhere and litter the busy downtown district of every major city. However, bicycles can be dangerous to ride on the road because it can be difficult for other vehicle drivers to see the bicyclist and act accordingly. Almost one million children a year are involved in a bicycle-related accident. Around one-third of bicycle accidents involve other vehicles, and it is those accidents which cause most of the serious injuries sustained in bicycle crashes (often head trauma).

Some things that are the most frequent cause of automobile-bicycle accidents are negligence or failure on the part of the automobile driver to see the bicyclist and the opening of car doors without checking if there is oncoming traffic. Bicyclists know that they face many dangers on the road. They must be mindful of other drivers on the road and stay in areas where other vehicles can see them. Bicyclists must also be aware of pedestrians and avoid potholes and other road hazards. A common cause for bicycle-pedestrian accidents is jaywalking because pedestrians do not always look carefully enough to avoid an oncoming bicycle.

It is up to both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers to observe the rules of the road to stay safe. In addition, there are special road laws for bicyclists, and drivers are still at fault for breaking these laws even if they were not aware of them. If involved in a bicycle accident it is important to retain a lawyer to deal with the special circumstances of bicycle accidents. In the case of a bicycle accident, crash reconstruction is important to be considered along with bicycle and roadway design. These are complicated topics and it is best to hire a professional to ensure that you are able to exercise all your rights under the law.