Snowmobile Accidents

Snowmobiles are popular recreational vehicles that grow in popularity each year. Unfortunately, thousands of snowmobile accidents and injuries are reported each year. The United States Product Safety Commission claims that 13,400 people are hospitalized for snowmobile related injuries each year. Sadly, 110 of those injuries prove to be fatal. The accidents that cause these fatalities are cases where the snowmobile impacts trees, structures, wires, and other vehicles. Operation around bodies of water is the cause for other fatal accidents. For example, when traveling through a stream or river bed the snowmobiles have been known to rollover and pin their drivers underneath. Snowmobiles that are driven across frozen bodies of water have been known to break through the ice and drown their passengers.

Causes of Snowmobile Accidents

Overall, most snowmobile accidents are preventable, and the majority of which are caused by mistakes made by the driver. Similar to other modes of outdoor vehicle recreation, accidents that occur on snowmobiles are often caused by operation at unsafe high speeds, operation while under the influence of alcohol, inexperience with the geography of the site, and inexperience with the vehicle itself. When children are involved in snowmobile accidents, often one of the key factors was a lack of parental supervision.

Factors that can cause snowmobile accidents that are not the driver's fault, include manufacturer defects in the snowmobile design and/or assembly, bad weather, and occasionally the path or trail designated for snowmobile recreation can be of poor and hazardous design.

Legal Action - What To Do After a Snowmobile Accident

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a snowmobile accident, you might be in line to receive due compensation. If the accident was not the fault of the driver or if you feel that the manufacturers failed to inform you of unsafe product defects then you should consult an attorney. Your attorney could work to get compensation that would cover bills related to the accident and injuries. Compensation can be granted for medical bills, and even as reimbursement for pain and suffering. Compensation can also be demanded if the injury caused a loss of earnings in you or your family's income. Wrongful death suits can also be filed for cases in which a loved one died from his or her injuries. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a snowmobile accident and wish to consult an attorney, there are important steps to take to ensure yourself the best chance for receiving your due compensation. You should immediately see a doctor or medical specialist, even if you feel fine, medical inspections can serve as vital records in the legal process and they can make sure that your injuries are not more serious than you were aware of. The next step to take is the accumulation of all records and papers dealing with the accident and injuries. It is vital that you collect dated records that describe the location of the accident, the people involved, witnesses, the manufacturing specifications of the vehicle itself, and your own copies of insurance information. Creating an organized portfolio of your evidence is highly important and will help to accelerate your legal actions. It is important to take immediate legal action, as many states have a statute of limitations for filing lawsuits dealing with snowmobile accidents. Finally, it is important that you refuse to talk about the details of your accident/injury with anyone and never sign a document related to your accident/injury without your lawyer present.