Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious offense and can carry with it repercussions for years down the road. Rules and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol vary by state and it is up to you to know the rules wherever you are. The blood-alcohol level (BAL) is .10 in some states while other states have a lower .08 legal limit. If you are involved in a case involving the accusation that one of the drivers was under the influence, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer to ensure that your rights are not lost in the legal process.

17,419 people were killed in the United States as a result of an alcohol-related automobile accident in 2002. This represents 41% of all traffic related deaths. 1.4 million people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in 2001, slightly more than 1% of the self-reported 120 million instances of impaired-driving by United States adults each year.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for anyone found driving under the influence that is not 21, regardless of their BAL. States have been cracking down on underage drinking and driving by enforcing harsher penalties for offenders. Anyone under the age of 21 who is found driving under the influence will be subject to serious punishment for their transgressions.

Drunk driving is a very serious offense and has repercussions well after the initial arrest. Anyone arrested for drunk driving is subject to the laws of the state in which they were arrested, which can vary. Typically, an offender can expect to have his license suspended either at the time of the arrest or at the time of a conviction. There will also likely be additional fines and penalties for a drunk driving offender. Punishment is much harsher for repeat offenders than first-time convictions. Penalties for drunk drivers are getting tougher as time goes on and legislatures see drunk driving as a serious social ill.

If involved in a case where there are allegations of driving under the influence, it is a good idea to consult a lawyer. If nothing else, an attorney can give you an idea of what to expect in court. Hiring a lawyer is a good way to ensure that your legal rights are protected in the event of a case involving driving under the influence accusations.